About Us

The United Nigerian Americans Council of Maryland (UNAC-MD) is a dynamic coalition of Nigerian communities based in Maryland that seeks to galvanize Nigerians to become part of the political and socio- economic system in the United States. UNAC-MD promote economic empowerment of all Nigerians in Maryland, unites the Nigerian community organizations, Nigerian churches, and Nigerian businesses in Maryland to a one-fold entity. Our number is our political strength to attain a voice in the American political arena. Nigeria is one of the largest immigrant communities in the state of Maryland and with over 5,000 pockets of community organizations, churches, and businesses. UNAC-MD is promoting the strength and the power needed to receive the recognition for our contributions to Maryland economy. Our unity is our political strength and UNAC-MD will use it as a tool to establish and publicized what an asset the Nigerian community is in the political arena. Consequently, our needs as immigrant community will get addressed, and the issues that impact us as immigrant will be presented and considered in the state of Maryland Legislatives and policy deliberations. UNAC-MD is making a clarion wake up call to all Nigerians 18 years and above, leaders of community organizations, churches, and businesses in the state of Maryland to a joint UNAC-MD free membership.

Dedicated and committed Nigerian Americans based in Maryland founded UNAC in 2019


Together, we shall build an enviable one big Nigerian community with a voice in the justice, socio-economic, immigration, political and legislative arena of the state of Maryland.


UNAC – MD provides various avenues for political participation in the American electoral process, recruits / supports candidates for political office, and encourages social/civic participation as follows:

  • Provides Leadership and organizational capacity and training for Nigerian community-based organizations.
  • Advocates on behalf of Nigerian Communities through democratic and inclusive organizational structures, as well as partnership with governmental institutions.
  • Serves as the resource Clearinghouse of the Nigerian Community to advance common interest.
  • Facilitates access to community development resources and employment opportunities.
  • Supports candidates running for office through fundraising, volunteer activities, training, and technology.
  • Trains citizens on how to participate in the electoral process.
  • Integrates the Nigerian community into local politics
  • Addresses issues that impact Nigerian immigrants.
  • Supports and promotes African businesses